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Service Charges and Fines

Cash or check accepted, we do not take credit or debit cards.


Resident Library Card                                              Free, as it's paid through city tax dollars.

(A Resident is anyone that lives within the city limits or owns city property)

Non-resident Library Card*                                   $14.77/3 mos., $29.53/6 mos., $59.05/1 yr. 

(A Non-resident card is for anyone that lives outside the city limits and does not own city property.)

Senior Non-resident (age 62+)                               $3.42/3 mos., $ 6.84/6 mos., $13.67/1 yr. 

Lost card replacement                                            $2.00 plus tax

Overdue books, music, audiobooks                    $0.25/day

Overdue DVDs/BluRay                                   $1.00/day

Charge for lost or damaged items                   List price + $5.00/item processing fee

Charge for accounts sent to collections             $20.00

*Library cards must be purchased for a time period of 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months. Prices shown include tax. 

Information & Printing Services

Desktop Computer and Internet use                 Free

Chrome Books & Play Tablets (In-House Only)    Library Card Required to check out

Black and white print (from computer)                 $0.20/page, plus tax

Black and white copies                                             $0.20/page, plus tax

Color copies                                                                $0.50/page, plus tax

Fax or Scanning service                                            $.50 for each page

Test proctoring                                                           Free, subject to availability 


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