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Backflow Prevention Information

City of Emmett Public Works Office 208-365-9569 Ext. 7.

Backflow Mission Statement

The city of Emmett through utilization of best industry standards, inspection, education, and enforcement is committed to preserving the health and wellbeing of the citizens of Emmett by protecting the City’s drinking water from all possible threats of contamination.

Backflow reports are to be submitted by email from a licensed backflow tester within fifteen (15) days of a passed backflow test or within two (2) days of a failed backflow test.


For list of testers see the link below.*

*This list is provided as a convenience to our customers, and it may not include all available Backflow Assembly Testers. We do not recommend or guaranty any Testers. It is your responsibility to verify proper and current certification and other licensing requirements before hiring anyone to perform work on your premises.

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