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Emmett Fire Department

There is currently burn ban in effect for the City of Emmett City Limits from July 1st to September 15th

Chief Curt Christensen

Welcome to the Emmett Fire Department!


The Emmett Fire Department is responsible for the Fire Suppression and Rescue Services of the 7000 citizens in the 4 square miles that comprise the City of Emmett.  We have a full-time Fire Chief and 20 volunteers that are paid per call.  We are trained in many different fields including: Fire Suppression, Fire Prevention, Extrication, Emergency Medical Services, and Hazmat. 


Our station is located at 231 S. Washington and houses three Type-1 Structure Engines, one Type-3 Heavy Brush Engine, and one Type-6 Light Brush Engine.  We also have two Command vehicles and one Parade 1933 Engine. 


We welcome visitors to tour the station.  As it is not a staffed station, we ask that you arrange a visit either by phone or e-mail.  However, if the bay doors are open we would be happy to walk you through.

BURN PERMITS - Burn permits are required for burning in the city limits (no fee). You can obtain a burn permit by completing the form below. Please allow one business day for permit review and approval.

Applications & Fees

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Fire Department Phone Number:

(208) 398-8042

Local Air Quality Conditions

For current Air Quality conditions, please click on the "Current AQI" tab above the Quality Map below.

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