Emmett Fire Department


Notice to refrain from Nonessential Open Burning

Please Click Here to view the press release about open burning due to the current issue regarding the COVID-19 virus

Chief Curt Christensen

Welcome to the Emmett Fire Department!


The Emmett Fire Department is responsible for the Fire Suppression and Rescue Services of the 7000 citizens in the 4 square miles that comprise the City of Emmett.  We have a full-time Fire Chief and 20 volunteers that are paid per call.  We are trained in many different fields including: Fire Suppression, Fire Prevention, Extrication, Emergency Medical Services, and Hazmat. 


Our station is located at 231 S. Washington and houses three Type-1 Structure Engines, one Type-3 Heavy Brush Engine, and one Type-6 Light Brush Engine.  We also have two Command vehicles and one Parade 1933 Engine. 


We welcome visitors to tour the station.  As it is not a staffed station, we ask that you arrange a visit either by phone or e-mail.  However, if the bay doors are open we would be happy to walk you through.

BURN PERMITS - Burn permits are required for burning in the city limits (no fee). You can obtain a burn permit by completing the form below. Please allow one business day for permit review and approval.

Applications & Fees

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Fire Department Phone Number:

(208) 398-8042

Local Air Quality Conditions

For current Air Quality conditions, please click on the "Current AQI" tab above the Quality Map below.

Photo by Bob Bales