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Public Works Department

The Emmett Public Works Department provides support, maintenance, & improvements for 6 major areas of the City of Emmett; the Airport, Cemetery, Parks, Roads, Water, & Sewer systems. We also support building maintenance within the scope of our ability for all city buildings.


Emmett Public Works Department covers over 78 + lane miles of roadways as well as over 38+ miles of water & sewer lines with a crew of 20 full time employees. Our main goals are to stretch every dollar in doing our maintenance in order to keep our costs down. Our Potable Drinking Water Treatment system serves an average of 800,000 gallons of drinking water daily to our customers. Our Sewer Collections System treats an average of 3,800,000 gallons of of waste water daily during the summer months and 1,500,000 gallons daily during the winter months.


Our vision: “To establish an economically vibrant and health-conscience city that protects the lives and property of its citizens, complies with all applicable state, and federal laws, and possesses adequate infrastructure to care for any expected increase its population.”


Our 5 year goals:


  • Safe Sidewalks throughout the City

  • Infilitration and inflow reduction in the sewer collections system to less than 10% of current discharge rate

  • 75% of the damaged/leaking sewer collection lines repaired or replaced

  • All water distribution system lines less than 6” in diameter replaced to meet mandatory line size.

  • Wastewater land use initiated – 1st stage (Ag Ground Applied Discharge)

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