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The City Ordinances relating to Dogs were designed to improve public safety, prevent dog bites, and provide greater protection for our Community. Anyone who is experiencing a dog related problem should call the Dispatch Center at 208-365-3521, and request to speak with an officer. 


Residents who own Dogs should be aware of the major components of the ordinance. Below is a summary of several components in relation to Dogs.  Click here for the full Emmett City Code .


5-2A-3: Dog Licenses And Tags:


Yearly License/Tag is Required:

It shall be unlawful and a nuisance for any person to own, keep or harbor any dog over eight (8) weeks old, within the city unless licensed. Any dog brought into the city after January 31 of any year shall be licensed within thirty (30) days.


Current Dog License/Tag Fees

Neutered/Spayed                               $10

Non-Neutered/Non-Spayed             $25 

Late Fee (Begins Feb. 1st)                 $5

Replacement Dog Tag                       $5


5-2A-4: Dog Nuisances:


A.     Vicious, Dangerous, Rabid Dogs: All dogs that are shall be deemed to be public nuisances, and Any dog which, vicious, dangerous, inimical to the health or when not being physically provoked, attacks, wounds, bites or otherwise injures any person or other animal that is not trespassing, is vicious. 


It shall be unlawful for the owner of a vicious dog to leave it outside a secure enclosure. Any vicious dog removed from the secure enclosure must be restrained by a chain sufficient to control the vicious dog. if found at large within city such dogs may be summarily destroyed in a humane manner.  Persons guilty of a violation of this subsection shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.


B.     Dogs Disturbing The Peace: All dogs which howl and bark and thereby disturb the peace and quiet shall be deemed to be public nuisances and may be impounded.  Upon conviction the owner or keeper shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.


5-2A-5: Prohibited Acts:


A.     Running At Large Prohibited: No person shall allow any dog to roam, stray in any public place or on any public or private property unless such dog is controlled by means of a leash, except for dogs used for law enforcement. Violations of this subsection shall be an infraction punishable by a fine not to exceed one hundred dollars ($100.00)


B.     Animal Waste: It is unlawful, either willfully, or by failure to exercise due care, for the owner or custodian of any dog to permit the dog to defecate upon private property without the permission of the owner, upon the public sidewalk, in or upon any public place or public property where persons customarily walk. It shall be a defense to a charge under this section that such owner or custodian of the dog immediately remove and properly dispose of the feces.


5-2A-6: Impoundment, Redemption And Disposition Procedures


A.     Impoundment Authority: Any dog found running at large within the limits of the city, shall be impounded and retained in a suitable pound by the city for a period of five (5) days.


B.     Redemption Of Impounded Dog: The owner may redeem such a dog within five (5) days by paying an impounding fee, and late fees, if appropriate, and purchasing a license. If a dog is not redeemed within five (5) days, such dog will be sold or destroyed.


Current Pound Fees

1st Day                            $20

Each additional day      $15


5-2A-7: Kennel Licenses:

A.     License Required: It shall be unlawful to keep, harbor or possess upon the premises of any one household more than three (3) dogs over eight (8) weeks old unless a noncommercial or commercial kennel license is obtained from the city. 



The City of Emmett strives to be a Clean and Friendly place to live.  To help us as a community to establish that goal the city has implemented ordinances regarding to weeds and rubbish.  Below is a summary of several Key Provisions of the Emmett City Code.  Click here for the full Emmett City Code .


4-2-2: A. Definitions:


            Public Nuisance: A condition or use of premises which allows the growth of weeds, grasses, bushes or other undesirable plant life to such a size or in such condition as to interfere with the free and comfortable use of adjacent and neighboring premises and property.

            Rubbish: Refuse other than garbage (tin cans, bottles, ashes, paper, pasteboard, cardboard, or wooden boxes, brush, leaves, weeds and cuttings from trees, lawns, shrubs, and gardens or other waste materials produced in the normal course of doing business, or everyday living). The term "rubbish" shall not include recognized industrial byproducts.

            Weeds/Fire Hazard: An undesirable or uncultivated plant growth that is unkempt, unsightly, or deleterious to the public. Weeds shall include all grass and unkempt bushes. A condition or use of premises on which the growth of weeds, dry grasses, dead shrubs, dead trees, or any other vegetable growth, or matter which, when dry, will in reasonable probability cause a fire hazard.


4-2-2B: Accumulation of Weeds or Rubbish Prohibited:


1.         Every owner or agent of such owner, tenant, or occupant of premises within the city shall cut and remove the weeds and grass which exceed eight inches (8") in height and clean and remove rubbish as often as necessary to keep the property premises neat, The accumulation of weeds, grass, or rubbish in violation hereof shall constitute a public nuisance.


2.         The failure, neglect, or refusal of a an owner or agent of such owner, tenant, or occupant, owner or agent of such owner to comply, shall constitute a misdemeanor an infraction punishable by a penalty of one hundred dollars ($100.00). 

Each and every day in which any such noncompliance continues shall be deemed a separate offense.  If noncompliance continues for five (5) days, then such noncompliance shall constitute a misdemeanor.



Abandoned Vehicles are covered both under State Law and Emmett City Code.  Below is the information on both.


Idaho Law

Idaho Law defines an abandoned vehicle as any vehicle observed by an authorized officer or reported by a member of the public to have been left within the limits of any highway or upon the property of another without the consent of the property owner for a period of twenty-four (24) hours or longer.   A vehicle will not be considered abandoned if its owner/operator is unable to remove it from the place where it is located and has notified a law enforcement agency and requested assistance.

It is a violation of Idaho Code 49-1801 to abandon a vehicle in the above manner.  Police officers are authorized under Idaho Code 49-1804 to remove abandoned vehicles and in some cases, those vehicles may be immediately removed.   Circumstances that warrant immediate removal include:


  • Stolen Vehicles

  • Vehicles involved in collisions

  • Arrest of the vehicle driver

  • Vehicle is left in a traveled portion of the highway and/or is a hazard

  • Any vehicle that does not have a license plate attached


Abandoned vehicles can also immediately be removed by police officers from private property where access into or out of private property or substantial interference with the use and enjoyment of private property is created by the presence of the abandoned vehicle.

Under Idaho Code 49-1802, the last registered owner is considered to be responsible for the vehicle and any charges that may be associated with the towing/storage of that vehicle.   The last registered owner can also be issued an infraction citation if the vehicle is not redeemed within seven (7) days of tow.   If the last registered owner has filed a release of liability with the Idaho Transportation Department, the liability lies with the transferee. 

For a list of frequently asked questions, visit the Idaho Transportation Department's Abandoned Vehicle Guide


Emmett City Code


Here are some excerpts from the applicable Emmet Code Sections.  Click here for the full Emmett City Code.


6-3-2-2: Abandonment Of Vehicles:


It shall be unlawful and a misdemeanor for any person to leave or park any abandoned vehicle or wrecked vehicle upon any street, alley or public property within the City.

6-3-2-3: Impoundment And Disposition Of Abandoned, Wrecked Vehicles


A.        Impoundment; Costs:

The Police Department of the City shall have the authority to impound such vehicles.  All costs and expenses of towing, keeping and storage of such vehicle shall be assessed by the Police Department against the vehicle, and such costs shall constitute a lien in favor of the City upon and against such vehicle.


B.        Redemption of Impounded Vehicles:

Any person claiming ownership of any vehicle impounded under the provisions of this Section 6-3-2 shall make written application to, and furnish such proof of ownership as may be required by the Police Department.


C.        Sale; Redemption After Sale: 

All vehicles which are unredeemed within a period of thirty (30) days from the date of impounding, shall be subject to sale by the Chief of Police to the highest bidder for cash in the manner provided by this Section.


D.        Notice of Sale: 

Whenever any vehicle shall be sold under the provisions of this Section 6-3-2, the Chief of Police shall first give notice thereof by publication in at least three (3) issues of the official newspaper, the first of such publications to be at least ten (10) days prior to the date of sale.

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