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Community Programs

The Emmett Police Department is proud to provide a number of services and programs to our community.

Vacation Watch Request


As a service to our community, the Emmett Police Department will help provide extra patrol for your primary residence. This service should not be your only source of security, as our officers will only be able to perform this service as often as commitments allow.  The Emmett Police Department assumes no liability for loss or damage to property. 


Before leaving, make sure all doors and windows are locked including any outbuildings and vehicles left on the property.  Please remember to notify us upon your return.

You may download the Security-Vacation Check form Here.


Mail or deliver the completed form to:

Emmett Police Department

501 E Main St

Emmett, ID  83617


Or via fax to: 365-6062  

Prescription Drug Drop Off


The Emmett Police Department has installed a Drug Drop-Off Bin in our lobby, accepting old and unused medications for disposal.   This program enables citizens to properly dispose of medications; keeping them off the streets, out of the wrong hands, and out of our water treatment systems. Anyone with old or unused medications is encouraged utilize the Drug Drop-Box located in the Police Department lobby during business hours (Monday through Friday 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.).  


The following items will be accepted:  unfilled prescription slips, prescriptions drugs, patches, ointments, samples, and medication for pets.   


The following items ARE NOT ACCEPTED IN THE DRUG DROP BOX: syringes, bio-hazards, and inhalers.  


Below are some educational websites on prescription medication security.


Emmett PD Prescription Drug Drop Box

Sharps Disposal 


Like medications, we recognize the health and safety hazards of having used hypodermic needles just thrown away in the regular trash or haphazardly left elsewhere.  The Emmett Police Department is pleased to announce that we have partnered with Valor Health as a drop off location for hypodermic needles and other sharps. 


Citizens are encouraged to bring their used "sharps" including hypodermic needles to the Police Department for disposal.  The Sharps container is available upon request during business hours (Monday –Friday 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.).  Unused packages of needles or full Sharps Containers can be taken directly the Lab at Valor Health for disposal.  We are excited to collaborate with Valor Health, as we both strive to make our community a safer place. 

EPD patch - Copy - Digital.jpg

Tours and Presentations

We welcome civic groups and organizations such as the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, etc. for tours of the police department and for our officers to come present on a variety of topics for civic groups. 


Please contact us at 208-365-6055 to schedule with our staff. 


Free Gun Locks

The Emmett Police Department offers free gun locks to our residents who come into the police department lobby during business hours in conjunction with Project ChildSafe.  Our police department asks everyone to practice the general safety rules when handling any firearm. 


Concealed Weapons Permits

By the Idaho State Statue, the Sheriff’s Office is tasked with the issuance of concealed weapons permits in accordance with Idaho State Code.  Many common questions about Concealed Weapons Permits can be answered by contacting the Gem County Sherriff's Department.

Please call 208-365-3521 for more information.


Fingerprinting Services

Unfortunately, the Emmett Police Department currently does not offer this service.  However, this service is currently provided by the Gem County Sheriff’s Office and the Gem County Jail. 


Please call 208-365-4484 for more information.


VIN Inspections

Unfortunately, the Emmett Police Department currently does not offer this service.  However, this service is currently provided by the Gem County Sheriff’s Office. 


Please call 208-365-3521 for more information.


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