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EPL-Summer Story

It has been an exciting 2 months of summer reading at the library and as we finish up, “Imagine Your Story-a mid-evil theme” and start writing our “EPL-Summer Story”, I share with you our reading and learning experiences. 303 readers (ages 0-18)were registered in June, at their weekly visits they found a treasure trove of themed children’s books and a new “Take-n-Make” STEAM Kit. 240 kits were assembled for each of the 8 weeks of the program. Prizes were handed out each week, as pictures of the completed activities, were e-mailed to the library. 4 local daycares, received an outreach visit by our Children’s Librarian Melissa McDaniel. She shared a story, an education moment, and a kit was given to each child, for hands-on-learning. But, most importantly everyone read & read…….! (183,956 minutes were logged during the June and July program) Now that is something to shout about!!!!! I might add circulated Youth Items totaled 7,092 for June and July, too! Note: we are being Covid-Safe and quarantining ALL circulated items . Kids who participate in summer reading and community activities gain not only new skills but self-confidence and self-esteem. The library is helping our kids succeed! Success is our summer story!

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