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Books and Magazines
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The Emmett Public Library is the heart of the community! It serves as a resource for information, education and recreation, as well as a place to meet, gather and learn.

Donation Policy

Thank you for thinking of us!

    We appreciate all donations that help us in our mission to serve our community.  But with all donations, we must make decisions on what is beneficial and what is not a good use of resources.

    Upon request, the Library will be happy to provide written acknowledgment of your gift, but the staff does not appraise or provide valuations of gifts for tax-deduction or other purposes. The establishment of the gift’s value is the responsibility of the donor.

    Once materials are accepted they become the property of the Emmett Public Library and are subject to applicable Library policies. We prefer to receive current materials in very good condition. New bestsellers are especially useful. We reserve the right to 1) add the donated materials to the collection, 2) put them on the book sale shelf or sell at a Library-sponsored book sale, or 3) refer them to other book donation programs.  The materials accepted will be shelved in the appropriate general collections.

Please ensure that donated items are in good, usable condition (clean, dry, serviceable, dust-free, infestation-free, etc.)

Accepted donations:                           

  • Books 

  • Current magazines                                       

  • DVDs and Blu-Ray movies

  • Audio CDs

  • Monetary donations

Items NOT accepted:

  • VHS movies

  • Audio cassette tapes

  • Textbooks published more than 5 years ago

  • Incomplete encyclopedia sets

*If you feel you have a donation that may be an exception to these guidelines, please feel free to contact the Emmett Public Library at (208)365-6057.

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