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Message from the Mayor

Mayor Gordon Petrie

Welcome to Emmett, Idaho


We’re a quiet, forward-looking, friendly town of just under 7000 people nestled next to the Payette River in the Valley of Plenty and have an exciting story to tell! We are a community of families and one big family community.  We work hard and we get to play hard, too. 


We enjoy breath-taking scenery, and as the gateway to Idaho’s back country, outdoor recreation is our norm. After all, we don’t have to travel far to enjoy it.  For most, it can be as simple as a short walk.  Hunting, fishing, camping, swimming, boating, water skiing, all of these can be enjoyed at a world-class level in or around Emmett.  We love fun activities.  We stay healthier, that way.


City leadership is dedicated to making Emmett a safe walking and biking community so as we grow older, we will be better able to “age in place.”  With our historic downtown kept clean and neat, Emmett gives that kind of feel that all Baby Boomers growing up in small towns remember—and long for.


Our extraordinary Emmett City Staff’s vision is to create a core competent municipal team providing excellence in municipal governance.  What an honor to lead them.  We take pride in protecting people and their property through the use of best practices.  I guess that’s why people love it here in Emmett—come join us!

Jody Harris - Councilman
Steve Nebeker - Council President
Denise Sorenson - Councilman
Tona Henderson - Councilman
Thomas Butler - Councilman
Gary Resinkin - Councilman
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