Applications can be picked up at the Emmett Police Department, 501 East Main Street in Emmett, Idaho or downloaded here.

If you wish to view the Police Officer Job Description file, please click here.

The Emmett Police Department is currently undergoing open recruitment for the position of full time "Police Officer". This is for an eligibility list for future openings.


This position is for an ELIGIBILITY LIST for future anticipated patrol positions with the Emmett Police Department.  Entry level applicants will be accepted with preference given to lateral applicants.



* At least 21 years of age

* Minimum of a High School diploma or GED

* Must be able to complete POST physical agility requirements

* Must have a clean background and pass extensive background check

* Pass employment based polygraph, drug testing and psychological exam

* Preferred possess a minimum of a POST Basic Certification.



The City of Emmett is located about 30 miles north of the Boise, Meridian and Nampa area. Emmett is a growing community in the Treasure Valley that serves over 6,000 permanent residents, not counting visitors and county residents that frequent the community. We have 4 schools within the city limits and several new businesses. Emmett is close to several recreation type activities including motocross, golf, ATV riding, hiking, fishing, hunting, boating, horse events, camping and many more. 


The City of Emmett Police Department will safeguard the lives and property of the people we serve.  We enforce the law and partner with the community to reduce crime. We will act with integrity and honor at all times with those we serve while maintaining public confidence.



13 full time sworn (includes Patrol, Investigations, SRO, Sergeants, and Command)
2 full time non-sworn (1 Reception/Records Clerk & 1 Code Enforcement Officer)
3 part time/reserve (1 Administrative Investigator and 2 Patrol)

5 volunteers (Citizens On Patrol program)



Crime Prevention Liaison

Breath Testing Specialist

Instructor Positions

Drug Recognition Expert

School Resource Officer


K9 handler (narcotics)

Supervisory levels (Corporal / Sergeant)



4 days on, 3 days off

10 hour shifts

Rotating shifts

Day (0600-1600)
Mid-Day (1100-2100)
Swing (1600-0200)
Graveyard (2000-0600)



  • Duty Belt and Accessories

  • Uniforms – shirts, pants, jackets, hat, gloves, etc.

  • Variety of uniforms including external carrier

  • Uniform Allowance annually $400

  • Traction slip-ons (for winter)

  • Protective equipment (safety glasses, disposable gloves, ear protection, etc)

  • Body Armor (new armor issued every 5 years)

  • Kevlar Helmet  (Revision Viper 3A)

  • Steel Rifle Plates (Point Blank 555 steel plates with plate carrier & molle)

  • Patrol Rifles with optic and Mag-link for 2nd magazine

  • Gen 4 Glock with Streamlight TLR-HL1 weapons light

  • Taser X2 with cartridges and holster

  • Lifeloc PBT

  • Laptops with all patrol units

  • Body cameras

  • Forms totes with all forms needed including note pads, jump drive, etc


Take Home Patrol Vehicle Issued

  • Must live within 20 minutes of Emmett City Limits

  • All patrol units are 2015 or newer

  • New technology including back up camera

  • Patrol cars are set on a 4 year rotation (leased)



Training is mission critical to our agency.  We not only value training, but strive to meet the goals of each officer for professional development. We look for opportunities to host training in Emmett and the city also actively sends officers to offsite training locations in and out of Idaho.





Twelve official holidays are provided for full-time regular employees.  Full-time regular employees receive compensation for that day even though they do not work.


New Year's Day                                                       Columbus Day

Martin Luther King, Jr. /Human Rights Day        Veteran’s Day

Presidents' Day                                                        Thanksgiving Day

Memorial Day                                                           Day after Thanksgiving

Independence Day                                                  Christmas Day

Labor Day                                                                  Employee’s Birthday


Employees will not be required to take their actual birthday off, but have the option to take a day off within their birthday month.


VACATION TIME                 

Earned leave starts October 1 each year.  New employees hired after October 1 receive pro-rated annual leave.


Vacation Accrual        Length of Service

80 hours/year            October 1st of second year of employment through fifth year September

120 hours/year          October 1st of sixth year of employment through fourteenth year September

160 hours/year          October 1st of fifteenth year of employment through nineteenth year September

180 hours/year          October 1st of twentieth year of employment



The City of Emmett pays 100% on employee insurance for health coverage. The current provider is Select Health for health insurance. Employees pay approximately 10-15 % of premium and city pays rest for their spouse, and dependents can be added to the plan as well. Vision and dental plans are optional at a plan rate, but not paid for the employee or their dependents at this time. The city also offers a Life flight Network (medivac) membership discount for employees and their families.  The city is always looking for best insurance deal and we utilize an insurance committee composed of employees.



The City participates in the retirement program of the Public Employees Retirement System of Idaho (PERSI) and with Social Security (FICA).  PERSI requires the City to withhold a percentage of an employee’s gross salary for pension purposes, and to contribute an additional larger amount on behalf of the employee.  PERSI members are fully vested after 5 years of employment and receive a lifetime monthly payment upon retirement, which can be passed to the employee's designated beneficiary. 


As a full-time, public sector employee your student loans may qualify for the public student loan forgiveness program. If you are employed full-time for the City of Emmett (or any qualifying public employer) for 10 years, and make qualifying payments during that time, the Federal government may "forgive" the remaining balance of your student loans.



Sick leave benefits are provided to regular full-time employees at the rate of one “work day” (10 hours for patrol) per month. Sick leave is a benefit to provide relief to the employee when an illness or injury prevents the employee from working productively or safely, or when an immediate family member’s (spouse, child, parent) illness presents no practical alternative for necessary care.



The police department pays for membership into the Gem County Rod and Gun Club for all sworn officers.  This gives officers full access to the firearms range. 


  • 401K through PERSI Choice

  • Direct deposit

  • Life Insurance

  • Long Term Disability plans

  • Bereavement Leave

  • Employee Assistance Plan

  • Comp time w/ a maximum of 62 hours accrual

  • Court pay


After submitting an application, the testing process will be as follows:

  • Physical Agility Test:

Set by the state of Idaho, preparation for the test can be found here:

  • Written Test:

This is a test that measures an applicant’s basic reading, writing, math and problem solving skills. The test takes approximately three hours to complete. A photo ID may be required when checking in for the written test.

Below are some resources that may be helpful regarding the written test:

  • Oral Board Interview:

Applicants will get to meet with members of the police department in an interview setting.  This is the chance for the applicant to talk about their personal experiences and for the panel to see how the applicant responds to various questions and scenarios.

  • Background Investigation:

After the interview, applicants will meet with a background investigator and go over a personal history statement.  The background investigator will evaluate the applicant's character via interviews and an investigation to make sure the applicant is in compliance with ethical standards set by the City of Emmett and IDAPA. Those standards can be found here:

  • Polygraph:

In conjunction with the background investigation applicants will attend a polygraph examination.  The polygraph will evaluate the applicant's honesty.  We acknowledge everyone is human and may have done things in their past, which are not proud moments.  However, it's the ability to be honest and not have repeated errors in judgment that are accounted for.

  • Conditional Stage:

If an applicant has passed the above stages, they are given a conditional offer of employment which will then have a psychological evaluation, medical evaluation, and pre-employment drug testing. 

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Photo by Bob Bales